Conquering Marawi

Hello there! How you doin’? Uhmm, I don’t have my 14-day WESTERN VIS, CENTRAL VIS AND WESTERN MINDANAO TOUR post ready yet. OHH YES, I’ve been working on it. Okay, so much for the excuses! Meehee! :>

So for now, Im posting my recent tour with my old friends, Schnnia and Sarah, in tondondondon *drum roll-bass drum*……… MARAWI CITY! Boooooom! Bushing! Bushing! Tugsh! Tugsh! BOOM! PAK! WAPAK! *fireworks display*

How to get there? Marawi city is just 33 kms from Iligan city. You can ride a Tamaraw fx or an armac jeep at the south bound terminal, Camague, Iligan City. The tamaraw fx will drop you in GMA terminal, Marawi City, while an Armac jeep will drop you directly to MSU-main campus. 

We arrived in GMA terminal, Marawi city at 1pm. Timely, as we hopped in the tryk (tricycle), the rain fell. We passed through an uninhabited road because we were going inside the MSU-main campus by the backdoor. By the way, if you haven’t been to MSU-main, the campus is too large, it has a golf course, resort, village, commercial center and offices and colleges inside. It’s pretty like there is a small town inside the campus.

road to MSU-main campus
Our first stop was in ComCent (Commercial center) where we had our lunch. After having lunch, we went around the campus. Since it is not usual to ride a tryk around the campus, we do what MSUans do, BAKTAS (hike)! Luckily, there was an MSUan with us who knows the pasikot-sikot of the campus. J

Here are some shots of the campus:

Dimaporo gymnasium

tracking field


Botanical Garden

inside the Botanical Garden

the 4th Street

the Antonio Isidro building (administration bldg)

selfie mode haha

Aga Khan Museum


my friends Schnnia and Sarah

the golf course

at the golf course, overlooking the downtown

Marawi Resort Hotel (Ayala)

inside the resort

along the road

the Mindanao State University

After our MSU-main campus tour, we dropped my friend in her place at downtown, so we got a chance to have round at downtown too (this is the part of the tour which I recommend a traveler must go with a locale! And some tips too, just wear jeans and shirt, and just be in your fresh natural look. The simpler, the better!).

the downtown

Then we went to GMA terminal and headed back to Iligan city. Im looking forward to have a round in Iligan city – the city life, night life and the nature life (falls & caves). I’ll keep you updated! J

Welcome to Wandermode

Mabuhay Philippines!

Molo Church Iloilo City, April 2013

WANDERMODE will show you how beautiful the Philippines is and why it’s more fun in the Philippines. Join me as I wander in the 7,107 islands of the Philippines and the 7 continents of the world in the near future (hopefully).

Let me introduce myself first. I’m Farley Flynn, a certified wanderlust, a risk taker, and adventurer. I have a hunger for new places and thirst for new cultures. I can travel with different groups of people like family, friends, professors and classmates, or even acquaintances, but what I like most is to travel alone. You would understand why if you will try. *wink wink*

I’m looking forward to make WANDERMODE not just entertaining but also informative and helpful to our dear readers. This blog would consist of some tips for solo backpacking, what to do, where to stay and what/where to eat in every particular place. As of now, let me share what important things I bring with me: i.d.  –student i.d. gives big discounts, so if you still have your student i.d., bring it; cash and/or card; and camera, my Lexee (LX3 Lumix) – she gives high quality images even its compact-sized.

At the moment, I’m in the process of writing my FIRST SOLO 14-DAY TRIP in Western Visayas, Central Visayas and Zamboanga del Norte. Stay tuned for my next update. Have a nice day! :)