Unveiling Maguindanao

Good day everyone! Adventure ba kamo? Leggo to MAGUINDANAO! Hahahaha!

Just this year, Parang, Maguindanao launched the Padang-padang adventure park. It is located at the peak of the mountain, overlooking the town proper and the Illana bay. You can ride a tryk (tricycle) from the town proper for P20-30 (it depends on your charm, haha). The park is open from 9am to 5pm daily, but the zipline only operates on wed, sat and sun. Entrance fee is P30 for adults and P20 for children/senior citizen.


The park has a clubhouse and cottages where you can chill and sight see. The climate is perfect for chilling – cool and windy! I suggest you bring your own snack since there is no restaurant there. Moreover, there is a stall that sells souvenir shirts and stuffs.



The park also offers zipline for P300 for 2 lines/rides. The first line is from Station 1 to Station 2 (of course haha). This is one of a kind experience, because the zipline crosses over the rainforest mountain and then over the sea, instead of the usual trees and valleys. You will also get a scenic view of Illana bay.




After riding the first line, you will be transferred to the next station by an open multicab. You’ll pass through a rough road on a virgin forest. It feels like you are in a safari park, in an open vehicle, waiting for a lion or a tiger or any wild animals to make sakmal. Hahaha! (That was only my imagination ha, haha).


Then, from Station 3, you’ll be zipped over the river (estuary) and then over the hill to Station 4. The 2nd line is shorter than the 1st one. Station 4 is just few inclining steps from the clubhouse.


my high school friends Schnnia, Anjee, Sarah and Del at the clubhouse

(saree for the selfie hahah)

I’m gonna update you guys on how long, how high, and how fast the ziplines are as soon as I have such information.

What I like most about this tour is that they made our experience more fun; the staffs are cool and calm and also very courteous. Thank you for making our tour safe and fun, staffs.

I am very surprised that there is this kind of place in my hometown. Who would think? Haha! There is more to develop in this town (like the white sand beach of Bonggo island) and I am looking forward to that.   


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