14-day travel (Part 1: Dumaguete)

14-day travel in Central and Western Visayas and Western Mindanao


Dumaguete City (Duma), this was my home-base for my 14-day solo trip since I was in and out of this city for the entire trip. I knew, as I left Iligan City, I would have a GREAT ADVENTURE. Like, I didn't have tickets (tix) for the ferry boat on my hand, it was a like getting a chance if could get tix at the port or not, and I didn't have anyone that would pick me in Duma port and this would be my first time in this place. You excited? Let’s get lost! *(^_^)*

Day 1: (Iligan-Dapitan-Dumguete trip)

My trip from Iligan to Duma pretty much took half day. I left Iligan by bus at 5am and arrived Puluan port (Dapitan) at 1pm. As I arrived, I immediately went to ticketing offices. I hopped from one shipping line to another since the others were already full because there were delegates of Palarong Pambansa. Not so fortunately, I got a tix for a 2pm ferry boat which gave me a reason for not having my lunch. I checked in immediately because seats were on first come first serve basis. (Good luck sa ma-late, 4 hrs pa naman ang travel!). And FINALLY, after 13hrs of travelling by bus, barge, and ferry, I arrived in Duma at 6pm.  That was a long trip indeed! (char, indeed, formal haha).

You can check the schedule of the ferry boats at this website www.schedule.ph


I checked in at Harold’s Mansion hostel, they have dormitory type rooms. Mind you, my roommates were foreigner. Most of them came out of a relationship, quit their jobs and been travelling for more than a year, hopping from one country to another. (Seems like the future me! Hahaha! Buti na lang, they were not as much as talkative and friendly as Filipinos, kundi ubus ang baon kong ingles. Hahahah!)

After settling down, I went out to have dinner. I walked through the boulevard where a wide array of restaurants are available. After having dinner, I chilled at the boulevard and grabbed some street food treats like squid balls, tempura and balut. I didn’t stay late because I was too tired from the trip.

the boulevard

Day 2: (Duma city tour)

at Harold's rooftop

After I had my free continental breaky (puto maya, toasted bread, pandesal, coffee/tea) at the hostel, I went to city tourism’s office. But it was Saturday, the office is closed, poor me! *nyak, nyak* Instead, I just walked around the city, and discovered the "City of Gentle People" for myself. Duma is a small city, I could walk around. By the way, the tryk (tricycle) fare is 9php, if you wish to ride a tryk.


Quezon Plaza

St. Catherine of Alexandria Church

the Belfry
the boulevard in daylight

Siliman Univ. Anthropology Museum

Siliman Univ. Anthropology Museum

SU Church

SU field

Sidlakang Negros

After having a long day at the city, I went to boulevard. I made it a hobby to chill in the boulevard every night. I like how the city is so laid-back and relaxing. At andaming foreigners! Panalo ang turismo!

After few hours, I went back to my hostel and called it a day!

Day 3: (It’s Sunday! It’s church day and fam day)

Sunday, lazy day! I woke up late and started the day late. I had my lunch late at Scooby’s. Scooby’s is my favorite food place in Duma. You would never thought this cozy ambiance resto would offer delicious and affordable meals (parang carinderia lang ang prices, promise).


After lunch, I went to church, and then, went to Robinson’s to meet my mum for dinner. We didn't stay long because they had to leave for Zamboangita, 90 km away from Duma.


I ended the night chilling in the boulevard, as usual.

My tour in Duma didn't end there. Stay tuned for my next posts.

Unveiling Maguindanao

Good day everyone! Adventure ba kamo? Leggo to MAGUINDANAO! Hahahaha!

Just this year, Parang, Maguindanao launched the Padang-padang adventure park. It is located at the peak of the mountain, overlooking the town proper and the Illana bay. You can ride a tryk (tricycle) from the town proper for P20-30 (it depends on your charm, haha). The park is open from 9am to 5pm daily, but the zipline only operates on wed, sat and sun. Entrance fee is P30 for adults and P20 for children/senior citizen.


The park has a clubhouse and cottages where you can chill and sight see. The climate is perfect for chilling – cool and windy! I suggest you bring your own snack since there is no restaurant there. Moreover, there is a stall that sells souvenir shirts and stuffs.



The park also offers zipline for P300 for 2 lines/rides. The first line is from Station 1 to Station 2 (of course haha). This is one of a kind experience, because the zipline crosses over the rainforest mountain and then over the sea, instead of the usual trees and valleys. You will also get a scenic view of Illana bay.




After riding the first line, you will be transferred to the next station by an open multicab. You’ll pass through a rough road on a virgin forest. It feels like you are in a safari park, in an open vehicle, waiting for a lion or a tiger or any wild animals to make sakmal. Hahaha! (That was only my imagination ha, haha).


Then, from Station 3, you’ll be zipped over the river (estuary) and then over the hill to Station 4. The 2nd line is shorter than the 1st one. Station 4 is just few inclining steps from the clubhouse.


my high school friends Schnnia, Anjee, Sarah and Del at the clubhouse

(saree for the selfie hahah)

I’m gonna update you guys on how long, how high, and how fast the ziplines are as soon as I have such information.

What I like most about this tour is that they made our experience more fun; the staffs are cool and calm and also very courteous. Thank you for making our tour safe and fun, staffs.

I am very surprised that there is this kind of place in my hometown. Who would think? Haha! There is more to develop in this town (like the white sand beach of Bonggo island) and I am looking forward to that.   

Conquering Marawi

Hello there! How you doin’? Uhmm, I don’t have my 14-day WESTERN VIS, CENTRAL VIS AND WESTERN MINDANAO TOUR post ready yet. OHH YES, I’ve been working on it. Okay, so much for the excuses! Meehee! :>

So for now, Im posting my recent tour with my old friends, Schnnia and Sarah, in tondondondon *drum roll-bass drum*……… MARAWI CITY! Boooooom! Bushing! Bushing! Tugsh! Tugsh! BOOM! PAK! WAPAK! *fireworks display*

How to get there? Marawi city is just 33 kms from Iligan city. You can ride a Tamaraw fx or an armac jeep at the south bound terminal, Camague, Iligan City. The tamaraw fx will drop you in GMA terminal, Marawi City, while an Armac jeep will drop you directly to MSU-main campus. 

We arrived in GMA terminal, Marawi city at 1pm. Timely, as we hopped in the tryk (tricycle), the rain fell. We passed through an uninhabited road because we were going inside the MSU-main campus by the backdoor. By the way, if you haven’t been to MSU-main, the campus is too large, it has a golf course, resort, village, commercial center and offices and colleges inside. It’s pretty like there is a small town inside the campus.

road to MSU-main campus
Our first stop was in ComCent (Commercial center) where we had our lunch. After having lunch, we went around the campus. Since it is not usual to ride a tryk around the campus, we do what MSUans do, BAKTAS (hike)! Luckily, there was an MSUan with us who knows the pasikot-sikot of the campus. J

Here are some shots of the campus:

Dimaporo gymnasium

tracking field


Botanical Garden

inside the Botanical Garden

the 4th Street

the Antonio Isidro building (administration bldg)

selfie mode haha

Aga Khan Museum


my friends Schnnia and Sarah

the golf course

at the golf course, overlooking the downtown

Marawi Resort Hotel (Ayala)

inside the resort

along the road

the Mindanao State University

After our MSU-main campus tour, we dropped my friend in her place at downtown, so we got a chance to have round at downtown too (this is the part of the tour which I recommend a traveler must go with a locale! And some tips too, just wear jeans and shirt, and just be in your fresh natural look. The simpler, the better!).

the downtown

Then we went to GMA terminal and headed back to Iligan city. Im looking forward to have a round in Iligan city – the city life, night life and the nature life (falls & caves). I’ll keep you updated! J